Get Color.js

Quick use

If you just want to play around ASAP, the quickest way is to import the entire library, either as a module in your JS:

import Color from "";

To be able to use import statements in your JS, your <script> element needs type="module"

Or, if you'd rather just have Color as a global variable, the classic way, just include the following script in your HTML:
<script src=""></script>

You can also add .min right before the .js extension to get a minified file.

You can also import individual functions and use the tree-shakeable API.

To use with older browsers (e.g. Opera v89) or platforms (e.g. Node.js v12 or v14), add .legacy right before the .js extension to get a transpiled version:
const Color = require("").default
<script src=""></script>

Via npm


npm install

Custom bundle

Custom bundle generator coming soon! Until then, you can import individual modules yourself, either from or your local node_modules/ if using npm.