Color manipulation

By color coordinates

We've seen in the previous section how we can manipulate a color by directly manipulating coordinates in any of the color spaces supported. LCH coordinates are particularly useful for this so they are available directly on color objects:

let color = new Color("rebeccapurple");
let color = new Color("rebeccapurple");
color.lightness *= 1.2;
color.chroma = 40;
color.hue += 30;

You can also use color.set() to set multiple coordinates at once. In addition, it returns the color itself, so further methods can be called on it:

let color = new Color("lch(50% 50 10)");
color = color.set({
    hue: h => h + 180, // relative modification!
    chroma: 60,
    "hwb.whiteness": w => w * 1.2